Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artstream 101: Construction 2a (or Crisis on Infinite Art Supplies)

I ran out of col-erase blue lead, so I couldn't finish the drawing..but this should be enough to get the point across.

Today we talk about fleshing out a character from basic lines of construction. On the right, there's a quick sketch of the basic arm construction I use and to the left of that is the same thing fleshed out with arm muscles. From years of studying musculature (for drawing super heroes and the like), I have a pretty well formed idea of how I'd like them to look. This is something I recommend even in the early stages of an artists career. You'll notice in the sketch to the left that I've done the construction in graphite and the fleshing is in blue. I usually make the head about the size i want it to be in the finished drawing, but the rest of the body's construction is a bit smaller as to function underneath the flesh like bones.

This particular blog article will be discontinued as I'm writing a book from the subject matter I'd planned to cover here.

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