Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday?!

I've been feeling nostalgic lately...Much more so than usual. Watching a lot of anime and thumbing through old comics, artbooks, and collectible cards. When I think about some of the things I came up with in my college days, I always laugh quietly to myself. I was such a try-hard!
These characters, Venus (a half-human dragon who transforms into...a sort of armored, winged, nakeder version of herself) and Miles Coltrane (a young martial arts jazz fan with a dark past), were the main characters in my magnum opus "Giant Steps".
This was drawn back in 2001. I had just gotten a new Rapidograph that was so fine, it practically cut through paper!

Monday, February 3, 2014

So I've been in kind of an artistic funk lately. HOWEVER, I've been seeing a new girl (who will be referred to as "GF"). Still not feeling the drawing, so I just sketched her out in my super-deformed style. Also it would take a week to fully capture the curliness of GF's hair...

Anyway, what I absolutelyhad to share with you guys is the cat thing. GF has a cat who's generally afraid of people. Yes...a "Fraidy-Cat". The cat usually hangs out in her closet, but sometimes, I feel something peering at me from across the room. Its the cat! Staring at me from the cracked closet door like a creep! At first she would hide behind the door, but now she comes all the way out, sitting perfectly still and staring at me. If i make a sudden move, she dives behind the closet door! ....creepy ninja-cat...