Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artstream: Bruce Timm

brucetimm, originally uploaded by GxDrifter.

This is something I used to do with the old Artstream blog. The Idea was to highlight an artist who inspires me and talk a little about that person and what I see in the works. Today I'll start doing the same thing here on my personal blog. Enjoy.

Bruce Timm is the character designer for many WB animated series of the past 20 years. He worked on Tiny Toon Adventures and moved on to become "famous" in the animation world for his reimagining of the caped crusader in Batman: The Animated Series. Superman & Justice League followed & he's also worked on a few comics. Here is a page from an old issue of Flinch (DC horror anthology circa '00). It was a really provocative 8-pager about two sado-masochists who fall for eachother and embark on self-destructive misadventures. Its probably the only comic work Timm has done that doesn't look like an animation storyboard. If you can stomach the story, I recommend you check it out (Flinch #11).

If you're looking for something awesome, go to and watch Pushing Daisies. Worth your time, America.