Sunday, February 28, 2010

345 Days of Sketches!

Went to the Wicked Faire last weekend. Its kind of a Steampunk Ren fair, and this year it was Alice in Wonderland themed. Lots of fun. My favorite part was the performers who were just skulking around in the shadows waiting to jump out and entertain me with belly dancing or magic tricks. Also, there were lots of Top Hats with goggles around them...very Victorian style sci fi.

346 Days of Sketches!

Little Big Planet is a blast. I recently got this red cape and I just want to put it on every costume!

John K is weird...

So i was in the supermarket the other day and passed by this really cool looking 50s retro cereal box called Quisp... I flipped it over and there was a John Kricfalusi comic strip on the back! It was 3 bucks, so I grabbed it for "artistic inspiration", but when I sat down in front of a bowl, it was not inspiring at all! It was Captain Crunch in a cool box. I don't regret it though, because the box is reeeeeeally cool.

347 Days of Sketches!

Every time I get a new sketchbook, I draw a character on the first page and write a letter to myself. The letter includes words of encouragement, advice, and sometimes a P-Wing to get through those tougher stages...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

348 Days of Sketches!

Sometimes you just feel like drawing Goku. Annoyingly, I kept pushing the pose by hunching him over, but if I had moved the drawing up on the page, i could have probably got that foot on the page :(

Shuffled into Jupiter Jazz while drawing this, so now I'm in a good mood :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

349 Days of Sketches!

Running a behind schedule do to lethargy and metal gear solid 4, expect multiple posts in the next couple of days.

I draw Wonder Woman a lot these days. Maybe more than the Hulk, Captain America, or even Wolverine (who holds the all-time record for me at like 0285698565 drawings). I hope to color this once I get a computer that can handle Painter :(