Thursday, August 12, 2010

337 Days of Scetches!!

Another of my Warcraft avatars, Qlippoth! She's a gnome deathknight. This pick isn't finished, she's actually staring down a huge dragon, but that drawing was "unscanably incomplete". Its really fun to draw gnomes in clunky armor. fact.

338 Days of Scetches!!

This is Totoroh, one of my World of Warcraft characters. He's kind of like a bear-bull beast thing. One of my favorite ideas in WoW is that you can play as a 4-legged creature, which seems novel to me :)

339 Days of Scetches!!

Playing catch-up on the skatch-a-day project, so you guys are gonna see EVERYTHING for a little while. This is an idea that has been lingering in the back of my mind for some time. Basically, Lane is a swordswoman from a sci-fi space opera i was working on last year. I wanted to make her kind of tomboyish. Like, she's not a "romantic interest" sort of character, so in the design, i tried to make her more androgenous and eventually had the idea to give her a mohawk that falls on one side. Plays on the idea of a kind of androgeny where instead of look like either male of female, she'd look masculine on one side and feminine from another...

Monday, August 9, 2010

340 Days of Scetches!!

Working out the design for an unnotable character in my comic. Also, i tapped into the old super-deformed style to work out a costume for Dark Detective...nothing past the mask really :(

341 Days of Scetches!!

Sometimes I just copy photos from magazines to study lighting or anatomy...but sometimes I just wanna draw someone i think is cute :P

Got a new sketchbook recently. A Moleskine...a BIG moleskine. Its like 9x10. Don't really like the yellow paper, but otherwise its really cool and i can't wait to bombard its pages with sketches!

Artstream: Olivier Coipel!

Just so you guys know, Olivier Coipel is my current favorite comic artist. Just saying. This guy's stuff is AMAZING! He has masterful control over lighting techniques and inanimate objects. A background in animation shows through in his comic work in a wide range of physical expression...and the action? omfg.

You know, what i really like about Coipel's work is the ambition. He just tackles these huge concepts with everything he's got. I feel like I'm 10 years old and looking at Jim Lee stuff in the 90s again. Sometimes I even say out loud "Does this guy live next door to a thunder god he can constantly use as a reference!?"