Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mother, Maiden, and Crone...

Lately, I've been discussing deconstructive symbolisms in character design with various friends. The idea of breaking down female characters into the three categories (mother/maiden/crone) probably came from ancient Greece. The Fates, Muses and their ilk...Gorgon Sisters...They did it all the time. Anyway, A long time ago, I shipped these drawings to Sean Tate for his cel coloring touch. He recently sent them back and just by coincidence, there's a crone, a maiden, and...well Lara Croft isn't exactly a mother, but she WOULD be if I were writing her :P

Artstream: Hank Ketchum

So, I was sifting through old comics at a used bookstore and I came across this gem! A Dennis the Menace compilation from 1966 :) Note the cold war flavor of the title.

Now, I've always bee a fan of comic strip art, but not enough to try it. This makes me want to, though. Its so subtle, but very precise. Ketchum doesn't use a lot of lines to portray something, but its like you can't even ask for more than what's on the page. I may post my pale imitations of his style using brush pens in the near future, but if you're interested, go to the official site

Street Fighter II: Turbo

I was pleasantly surprised to see the artwork in this new Udon Street Fighter comic series. Some dood called Chamba Cruz really went all out in the first issue. Its very creative and energetic. I reccomend it to those of you who like to draw...Those of you who think of comics as novels with pictures or movies with no sound, however should totally skip it.

The comic got my blood flowing and I quickly doodled this Sagat on one of my lunch breaks. No sign of SF4 around here, though :(