Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Supergirl art battle?!

So, I participated in an art battle on penciljack.com the topic "Supergirl". Now my opponent did a really cool piece of Supergirl fighting generic robot in the citay. I'm not being sarcastic, its really pretty cool. I on the other hand focused on the "girl" part and tried to do something reminiscent of Masakazu Katsura's I''s covers. Penciljack didn't really get it. They complained about the photo background and the "simple pin-up" pose (to which I say 'try copying it and you'll find out what makes it complex'). From now on, I'll play the penciljack game, but I just wanted to show this to all the briamaniacs out their and explain that I'm still an artist even though its gonna start to look like I'm selling out and not trying things or challenging myself...

Vitriolic. I really don't mean for this to sound as spiteful as it probably does. This is one of those instances where seeing something in plain text really strips it of a lot of inflection and context.

Also, for those interested, I upgraded my phone to the G2. Its incredible! Does everything that the Itouch did (music and art inspiration on the go) with a LOT of freedom that comes from the AndroidOS. This is not a joke. The phone is bad-meaning good. My favorite thing about it right now is the Gameboy Advance emulator. I've been playing Pokemon Ruby :P
On that note, I've also been experimenting with more XBOX 360 games. Top of the list right now are Gears of War 2 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.