Wednesday, January 6, 2010

361 days of sketches!

Here's one I did for my buddy Keith. He had a toy line and designed this sort of urban ninja guy called Katana (its actually a lot cooler than that, but i don't want to let cats out of bags). We batted a few ideas around relating to the property, and when I went home, I sketched this up. Someone else saw it later and spun her own story out of it. Kind of like a modern day fairy tale that i won't tell you about because it is also not my property... I feel like that bill from the Bush administration that was practically illegible because of all the redacting :P

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The Professor said...

I think I'm the "someone" with her own story. It's not really my own story, so much as it is a retelling of the Three Who Changed the World. Omer Khayam (the poet/scholar of Rubyiat fame), Hassan ibn Sabah (the founder of the ishmali assasins), and Nissam al Malk. This is the Hassani Sabah character. It would have been cool. Nissam al Malk is the politician who's slowly being corrupted.