Monday, June 22, 2009

CMU Life Drawing...

For a brief period of time, Carnegie Mellon University was hosting open life drawing classes on Sunday afternoons. It was amazing. In fact, the whole art building was fantastic. Full of inspired energetic and quirky artsy fartsies. I tried a weird thing this time. I drew the shadows with a gray marker before drawing the actual model. It was really fun, and people seem to like the way it came out. You should try it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Man Ryu!

Fundamentalist Christians think that Walmart's prices are so low, that it must be the devil trying to tempt them into debauchery.

Henry did a very fleshy Storm... makes her look like a mother. I always thought of her as a crone.

Finally, back when I was delusional and thought that SF4 would actually be a progression in the streetfighter mythology, I imagined that Ryu, after training under Oro would be the last boss. I told Henry about it and he started petting his supervillain cat and saying "Yesssss, Brian...that's a good idea."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HP reflection!

If I can be serious for a moment...

I've been making a living out of web design lately. Thus, I've been looking at a lot of exhisting sites for inspiration. That kind of thing, especially stumbling onto home pages of people I consider to be peers, really gets me thinking about the design of my own site. I thought it'd be interesting to note key features of my own homepage and how it is influenced by some of the sites I've come to love over the years. Now, I know what you're thinking, "What homepages last years?!" Well, America, listen up...

One homepage that I go to frequently is Now, this isn't "really" a homepage, in that Joe doesn't actually maintain it. Its run by a fan named Nathen. This guy has been updating this old-fashoined shrine-style site for so long and with such dedication, that the artist actually acknowledges the site as like "the first place people go to find out about Joe Madureira". The effect of that is Joe sends him stuff to post! Ok, maybe I'm geeking out a little, but I'm a huge fan of Joe Madureira's work. The main influence that this site has had on my own hp is updates. They're very personal. Like if Nathen is talking directly to you, the viewer.

Nextly, there's John Kricfalusi is this bat-shit crazy Tex Avery clone from the cold war era who's got A LOT to say about animation. His site is a blog where he talks about animation theory (often citing the Illusion of Life and his personal experiences in the industry). Its brilliant! So informed and well thought out. I hope that someday people will care about what I have to say on character design and illustration the way I care what guys like John K and Hideo Kojima have to say about their respective fields. This sort of site is tricky, though. Doesn't work for everyone. Warren Ellis' site, for instance is super-lame! He just pats himself on the back all the time and brags about how he's too cool for makes me sad. I hear Grant Morrison has a pretty nice homepage. We should check it out some time...

Finally, my absolute favorite homepage of all time is! Aimee was an animation student at Calarts when I was an animation student at AIPH. Mostly, she did furry-type characters I believe to have been inspired by the 1980 disney renaissance. I'm not actually a fan of that sort of artwork, but there was this sincerity behind it that I can barely even explain. Other artist seem to know what I'm talking about by the look in my eye or the way I flail my arms around, but for the purposes of textual communication, we came up with the phrase "Bottled Lightning". Its the pure artistic energy you feel when you look at something that came right from the artists gut, like Dragon Ball or the very first Ultimates3 sketches...Star Wars Episode 2 artbook? Well anyway, she's evolved far beyond the furries and forged a pretty impressive career resume (I think mostly she works for Film Roman, now). In the 10+ years I've been following the site, its been updated almost weekly with new artwork and commentary about Aimee aand her personal adventures. Much of which I would find INCREDIBLY uninteresting if it weren't for the way she talks about the stuff. Sometimes she has stuff about cosplay, doll collecting, Japanese Tea ceremony, and other non-art/animation content, and I think "I want that life. I want people to care about the things I care about vicariously through me." Like, I want my site to give off the kind of energy where, if I'm blogging about Curt Schillling's retirement, you find yourself slightly ammused and interested. I know...I'm an attention-whore, but so are you!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Come to Purim!

I'm celebrating Purim this year in Pittsburgh and you're all invited. I even made a flyer just so I'd have some new art to show on the blog :P

Purim is... well, its an obscure Jewish holiday based on the events of the book of Esther in the Bible. I'm sure you can google it if you need to know specifics, but the basic idea is that the Jews triumphed over their advesaries and in celebration of this event you are to get so intoxicated that you forget the difference between good and evil (that tickles me every time I say it).

Anyway, the details are on the flyer. As a side note, there's also supposed to be a Black Mass. Google it. If you think your personal JC hang-ups are gonna be a downer for anyone, stay yo ass home.

One more thing! There's a new art store in Philly called "Blick". It has sketchbooks with ACTUAL white paper AND .13 Rapidographs! I've been without those things for a long long time and it was really starting to effect my ginormous art ego... But now I got some good supplies I fel like the old Brian again :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

1/1/09 Fighting games on the Wii?!

2008 Has come and gone and with the new year comes new motivation to pretend you can do things you couldn't do last year. Among the things I'm resolving to do this year, What's going to effect you most, America, is my daily blog posts. That's right, 365 posts to awe and inspire you. The guy from linesandcolors does it, so it must be possible. Anyway, I just came up with the idea (and I was hung over aaaaall day yesterday. No one ever stops me when I mix liquor into my beer...some friends, huh?) so today, I'll post twice.

Last night I finally got a hold of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. For those of you who don't know, its a Nintendo Wii fighting game that crosses over characters of 70s anime production house Tatsunoko, with the cast of Capcom games (Capcom = the people who made streetfighter, resident evil, and megaman). Importing Japanese games is always sketchy because you never really know how much you can understand with your limited understanding of kanji/katakana/hiragana, but I really wanted to try this game because it looked like something fresh. I've been rehashing the same stale entertainment for about 10 years and I'm aching to be inspired by something new. Sure I had fun flirtations with Doctor Who, Firefly and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, but none of those lasted very long or even inspired a page of artwork.
So I finally boot the game up and watched the little intro anime. It was very nostalgic even though I was never really into Gatchaman or other transforming hero characters of the 70s. My verdict is like this... The game is fun. I don't know if it has online play features or even how the multiplayer goes, but its very pretty from an animator's perspective. Particularly the Tatsunoko characters who haven't really been reinvented this century. They come out as crisp and inspired characatures of what they were like...Just like the Marvel Vs. Capcom games.

In addition, I picked up Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2. The Wii version of the gamecube Naruto fighting games. I've played this at Galaxy Video a few times and let me tell you, those kids make Naruto: CONR2 feel like Street Fighter. Amazingly fun multiplayer. Not so cool in single player mode, but the animations are so sweet. The way the animators translated the moves from the comics is brilliant. Check this one out if you are an artist with a wii.

All in all, good times with Wii fighting games. I've been thinking, if there's gonna be a 360 version of sf4, that means it can fit on a dvd, right? So why not a Wii port? Is that too much to ask?

Ok, of to the plantation for me. Draw lots of stuff today and post on