Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday, 3/9/08...

So, I went in for a second interview at Custom Graphix in Neshaminy mall today. It was fun. Basically, I had to show that I know how to use illustrator, flexisign, and some other software. I made a Nerv logo decal and a Superman/Batman Licenseplate (geeking out)! I start next week, so I'm excited and hopefully I'll get the other graphic design job downtown...80 hour work-weeks, explode!!!After the interview, I went out to wait for the bus. There was a gorgeous girl sitting on the bus smoking. She had hazel colored eyes, but they kind of look like a gold or was weird and interesting, so my sharingan kicked in and my eyes started to recording information for later drawing. Basically, I drew the pose. The true magic of the way this girl looked is beyond what I can do with a pencil in my sketchbook five hours later :( I noticed that her shoes and the bottoms of her pants were dirty. Logically, she'd walked through the mud to get home from work last night (it was pouring outside last night), but in my mind while avoiding eye contact with her and getting on the bus, I'd imagined that she works really hard after hours at the restaurant she waits tables at to feed her lazy older brother... I haven't written any fiction in quite some time, so I'm bursting with sappy cliche's.

Just by pure coincidence, Henry and I were talking about overweight rappers. I told him that I think there should be more because Fat Joe and Rick Ross don't cut it. He said "Why do we need 'fat' rappers?" I told him it was because rappers have to supplement their incomes with clothing lines. Do you guys remember Biggie Smalls? Aside from being an amazing rapper, he looked cool. We need fat rappers to innovate fat fashion. I mean to say "I" need them to do that. I'd like to draw more big people, but I don't know what they should wear :(


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